10 Mondays – Motivation tips to start the week: Overcome your fear!


Motivation tips for your Monday. This is how you can overcome your Monday neurosis and look forward to the start of the week. Because Monday is the best day of the week. How you can go about it so that you don’t run your pump on Sunday and your tinnitus whistles through your ears, take these 10 tips to your chest and so Monday can be the best day of the week.
Mondays - Motivation tips

RESTART !! And that is what grievances are about. After these 10 tips, hopefully, you too are in a good mood and bumblebees in your bum and can hardly wait for tomorrow!


10 Monday motivational tips to help you overcome your fear

See the positive

Always! First of all, try to interpret what you see or read positively. Always make yourself aware of the positives of this thing in your head and think about the benefits that this can have for you. What small or even big success can be achieved.

For example better health, more (real) friends, a higher salary.

Fixed goals and plans

Plan your goals exactly according to the SMART formula. If you have firm plans that are dated, you will be motivated to reach your goal.

As an example: I would like to have my apartment completely tidied up by Friday. If I work on it for 2 hours a day, then I can do it.

Team player – training partner and teamwork

Submit assignments: If you have to concentrate on 1000 things at the same time, it is demotivating. Therefore, also submit tasks. Every expert completes his tasks much faster and in the end, the quality is usually better. Especially in fitness, a training partner is great so that you don’t spontaneously cancel appointments. You can also look forward to the successes together. In the office, you can certainly complement each other well and communication also loosens the mood a bit.

Talk about your good deeds and get praise

If you are doing good, talk to colleagues, friends, and training partners about it and get recognition. What motivates and makes you a role model for others. Of course one shouldn’t brag. It is best if you praise your colleagues first. Giving is good for you and brings you energy and most of the time you get praise in return. A smile and leave you happy. If your colleagues like you, Monday is much nicer.

Throw off the ballast, think clearly, switch off emotions

What burdens or annoys you: brush it off and surround yourself with positive people who pull you up. When you get negative, immediately focus on the positive counterpart again. When doing sports, try to outperform yourself with goals.

Be realistic and set lots of small goals

Set yourself a big main goal. Your fixed star. Insert intermediate goals that are rather small and together make up the big picture. Then shimmy from one small goal to the next. And in the end, you will arrive at the big fixed star, which will suddenly seem small to you. That is pure motivation! Most of the time you set yourself even bigger fixed stars (goals) on your way because your actual fixed star now seems almost small and you get stronger with every goal you reach.

Example:  I always feel that way. I often set myself utopian goals. I have to subdivide these into smaller steps and then “work” them off step by step. In the end, I manage to achieve my goals. A great feeling that calls for repetition. (Sometimes my path changes in a different direction, but it’s uphill).

Feel into every cell

Realize your activities. Watch other people have fun at work or exercising and swim with their motivation wave. That’s OK! Others will feel just as motivated by your performance and get motivation.

Turn on the music

I find music the best motivation. As I said, when I get up in the morning, I immediately turn on music Now when I write, I hear music. Music is life. When I work out at home, I turn on music and then put my fitness gear like a yoga mat and dumbbells away. And while tidying up, I get really in the mood. I am really happy that it starts now. There is also really good motivational fitness music on YouTube.

Rewards are fun

One learns better through reward and joy than through pain, according to the latest scientific research. In the past, the punishment was the driving force behind the action. If something didn’t go well, there was trouble. Nowadays one should ignore the negative and reward positive experiences or activities. Then you want to repeat the good too.

It reminds me of raising dogs. Love and motivation lead to the goal faster. 🙂

Seen figuratively: When something stupid happens to you. Anyway, ignore it. Focus on the good and simply outshine the native with the beautiful.

Be open and flexible

Don’t bite into anything. Be it an exercise, something to eat, a difficult task to solve, or whatever you’re up to. Listen to your stomach more often and do what you feel like doing. Take a break and take a deep breath. This is good and motivates you to change your mind more often if something is not doing you good. The fun shouldn’t be neglected. If the air burns, take a break and go for a walk or talk to someone about it (writing it down also helps) and after that, you can usually see the solution a little more clearly.

As I already mentioned, I often change my plan against a path that is better for me. Every 3 months or so I reflect on what I want and sometimes I throw everything overboard when I think that this is what makes me happy.

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