10 Mondays – Motivation tips to start the week: Overcome your fear!

Motivation tips for your Monday. This is how you can overcome your Monday neurosis and look forward to the start of the week. Because Monday is the best day of the week. How you can go about it so that you don’t run your pump on Sunday and your tinnitus whistles through your ears, take these 10 tips to your chest and so Monday can be the best day of the week.

A Gratitude Diary Makes Us Happy and Helps Us See The Positive

You don’t have to be a writer to write a diary
Diary writing is not for you? Nonsense! Journaling is good for the soul and is trendy. It’s a great tool for more self-love and appreciation for ourselves, a little time with ourselves. A gratitude diary is the easiest way to start journaling. It doesn’t take long and it’s fun – we promise!

Expired domain name: what impact in SEO?

Do you know what an expired domain name is ? Are you about to create a website and are wondering if it is possible to find a domain name that will allow you to generate traffic quickly? Do you already own one or more websites and are you looking for an effective SEO technique to boost your traffic and your positioning? We recommend that you take an interest in the expired domain name.