Expired domains

Expired domain name: what impact in SEO?


Do you know what an expired domain name is ? Are you about to create a website and are wondering if it is possible to find a domain name that will allow you to generate traffic quickly? Do you already own one or more websites and are you looking for an effective SEO technique to boost your traffic and your positioning? We recommend that you take an interest in the expired domain name.

Expired domains

What has been this very popular SEO technique for a few years? What are the advantages ? What are its risks?

What is an expired domain name?

When browsing the Internet, there are many expired domains . These have simply not been renewed by their owner. If you are about to choose a domain name for your website, we recommend that you take a look at these free domains before making your decision. Indeed, the referencing of a website on Google is complex and requires a very important investment: what if the expired domain was an opportunity to seize in SEO?

Why take back an expired domain name?

There are many reasons for choosing an expired domain name :

  • Trademark protection: some companies decide to reserve several domain names in order to prevent other companies from appropriating them. In this case, we are talking about a portfolio of domains. The objective here is to avoid cybersquatting and unfair competition.
  • An expired domain name can also correspond to the activity of a new project.
  • In natural referencing, the use of an expired domain allows above all the recovery and transfer of traffic. Indeed, it should be understood that an expired domain has a certain age as well as a history: its positioning in Google’s SERPs and the power of its backlinks can be an asset to boost the natural referencing of its website, to condition of intelligently using 301 redirects.
  • Reserving an expired domain name is also a very popular technique with SEOs wishing to set up a network of sites.

Buying an expired domain: the importance of the evaluation stage

The purchase of a domain name expired interests you? This can be beneficial for your SEO as long as you take certain precautions. Indeed, it happens that some expired domains are not as interesting as they appear.

Some domain names are in high demand. This is why it is important to act quickly. However, before buying an expired domain on a marketplace, it is preferable to take the time to evaluate it in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Here are the different elements we advise you to pay attention to:

  • The age and history of the domain name : at first glance, it seems more interesting to move towards a domain with age. However, this is not necessarily true. Indeed, in the case of an expired domain, it is necessary to analyze the seniority from several angles: the content, the graphic charter, the technology, the hosting or the owner of the site have they regularly changed since its creation? More than seniority, we invite you to prioritize stability when you want to reserve an expired domain. Likewise, it is important to carry out a few checks so as not to buy an expired domain name with a liability that can be negative for your SEO.
  • The number of backlinks and referring domains : marketplaces highlight many indicators in order to push webmasters to acquire their expired domains. Among them, the number of backlinks and referring domains. We recommend that you verify the numbers using your own tools, as those shown are not always correct.
  • What about the Domain Authority, the Majestic Trust Flow or the Citation Flow put forward by marketplaces and other auction sites? It is important to remain cautious about these indicators offered by marketplaces. Indeed, we must not forget that the PageRank has not been updated since 2013: no need to take this metric into account when choosing your expired domain name. For the other indicators, also know that the metrics are not always up to date on the auction sites: take the time to carry out some checks.

Registering an expired domain name: what are the risks?

There are two main risks when deciding to acquire an expired domain:

  • Choose an expired domain name whose history is not clean. Your goal with an expired domain is to gain traffic, not lose traffic from an old penalty.
  • If you choose to redirect all of your expired domain names to your main site using a 301 redirect, Google may penalize you. Indeed, we must be very careful with the networks of sites for a few years.

Finally, following some tests, some SEOs have hypothesized that the 301 redirect from an expired domain name no longer brings the expected increase in traffic.

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