The best application for reading the Bible


On the train, during worship, at work, or in your homegroup, today, it is possible to have more than 1000 translations, commentaries, and an audio version of the Bible in your pocket. And that for free thanks to his mobile phone. More and more applications are appearing on the market, but which one to choose?


Applications for reading the Bible are multiplying and offer more and more features while taking care of the design to offer easy navigation and the best possible reading comfort. It is no longer necessary to travel with your “paper” Bible, a concordance, and a biblical commentary in your bag because all these features are now found on our mobile devices.

But how do you choose the application to install? Here is a comparison table to help you choose between the different applications available on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. One undoubtedly wins: “The Bible You Version “!

1. Bible + or Bible Study

The very popular “Bible Study” offered by Olive Tree offers excellent reading comfort very close to “paper” versions with, for example, the possibility of “turning” the pages (no vertical scrolling). The search function makes it easy to replace a match and allows the search word to be highlighted in its textual context.


“” is a good alternative for reading the Bible and taking notes. The interface is meant to be simple. Few features are offered, as the app focuses on the biblical text.

3. The Bible Segond 21

The “Second 21 Study Bible” is distinguished by integrating biblical notes and references, which is useful for studying texts on the go. You should know that this application was developed in Switzerland by the Biblical Society of Geneva.

4. The YouVersion Bible

“The YouVersion Bible” and its 1000+ Bible translations is a giant in the Bible reading apps horizon. In addition to offering 11 versions of the Bible in different languages, it offers dozens of reading plans to discover the Bible, all in English. Some translations (Segond 1910, Crampon, Parole de vieā€¦) are available in the audio version. You can share your outstanding readings with your friends.

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