There are many big VW clubs in the world. In this article, we’ve chosen to focus on the VW Club of Western Australia, the VW club of America, and the Historic Volkswagen Club in the UK.

Volkswagen Club of Western Australia

The Volkswagen Club of Western Australia has a forum, where members and non-members can discuss events and projects. There is an event calendar showing what’s going on in the VW scene in AU and beyond. There are all kinds of members, from students to retirees. Their love of the VW is what they all have in common.

The biggest event on the calendar is the Day of the Volkswagen. At least one Club run or event takes place per month. This could be a meal at a diner, a short run with a picnic, visiting a car show, visiting a country town, or even bowling.

Volkswagen Club of America

The Volkswagen Club of America started as a handful of Beetle owners in 1955. Now, it has thousands of members across the USA as well as in Canada, Mexico, and a few other countries. Like the Aussie club, members range from retirees to teens who own every VW model from 1940s Beetles to the latest models and “every Bus, Ghia and Audi in between.”

What all members have in common is that they are owners and drivers. There are no critics or sycophants, with collectively hundreds of years of experience to share with others.

UK Historic Volkswagen Club

A group of VW lovers founded this club in 1974, among whom the current President of the club. They were mainly interested in the earliest beetles, also known as “split window” models. The club grew and developed with time. Now, its main goals are to cater to all VW enthusiasts of models manufactured before 1979. They don’t all have to be owners. They do need to be knowledgeable and able to give expert advice on things like maintenance and restoration.

More specifically, these are the objectives of this very large British club:

  • To offer advice to members on the restoration and maintenance
  • To encourage an interest in pre-1979 Volkswagens
  • To provide confirmation of vehicle age of Volkswagen vehicles for UK registration purposes.
  • To provide valuations for insurance purposes
  • To publish and distribute to members the Magazine “The Historic VW”
  • To encourage the preservation and exhibition of pre-1979 Volkswagens.
  • To liaise with other clubs and organizations with similar objectives.

These large clubs nurture the passion of VW enthusiasts in their countries and beyond. We love them for it!