How Vr Is Helping To Create Better Drivers

Anyone who has placed a virtual reality (VR) device over their head will know how immersive it is. Whether you are watching virtual reality porn, floating through space, or snorkeling, it can feel eerily close to the real thing.

While using it for VRporn or exploration can be fun, there are also other uses that are applicable in the real world. One such experience is that of driving. Simulations have been around for a while, but VR takes that to the next level.


Learning to drive

Learning how to drive is difficult. You can often be thrust out onto the roads with very little clue of what you are doing. Having a few VR lessons before you head out there is going to enable you to learn the basics. Once you are comfortable with what you are doing, you’ll be safer on the roads.

It is, of course, your clutch and controls aren’t the only important thing to learn. Being tested against real-life situations will help to give drivers a much better understanding of what they are doing. VR could even take drivers through high-risk scenarios that wouldn’t be allowed on a real road.

There is little doubt that this type of exposure can only be a good thing. Products that we buy in stores have often been stress tested. Maybe it’s time to try that with drivers. It’s hard to know how to avoid a collision and deal with difficult conditions like a blown tire if you have never experienced it.

If someone has just passed their test they can’t be blamed for being inexperienced. The highest percentage of accidents is attributed to younger drivers. Finding ways to reduce that number is an important step for everyone on the road.

Learning to build

It’s not just learning to drive that can help make better driver but also learning how to build roads. Architecture can be a difficult when it comes to designing roads. It’s hard to predict exactly how traffic is going to respond to different situations.

Being able to produce a simulation of a potential building project is very useful. It will give any architect the knowledge to find the safest solution. When these projects are completed, drivers are going to have safer roads that are optimally designed.


There are often people who break laws on the road. Whether that is going over the speed limit, ignoring stop signs, or anything else. It may be possible in the future for law enforcement to use VR.

This could be used to give drivers refresher courses on how to drive. It would be a quicker and more convenient measure than taking them on the road. This would help to correct any bad habits people have and increase overall road safety.

Changing the world for the better

There is little doubt that a VR headset can be a fun device. It is changing the face of many industries. While everyone needs to have some fun in their lives, there are also serious uses for this technology.

We are already seeing VR being used to help create better drivers. This will only increase in the future as it’s used more widely. This is going to be for the benefit of everyone, as better drivers mean fewer accidents.